Excel spreadsheets custom designed to collate literacy assessment data for viewing and printing. This site includes printable instructions and short video examples as well as blank templates for downloading.

NOTE: Spreadsheets require enabled macros to enter data with double mouse clicks. (See First step video or Print instructions)

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[Revised: Friday April 4, 2011]

Grade 9 RAD Grade 10
Summerland Grade 8 Summerland Grade 7 Summerland Grade 6

*Whole Class Assessment sheets are the most current. NOTE: To use the Whole Class Assessment sheets you still ENABLE MACROS before using. Summaries will automatically fill in once your test data has been entered.

One Minute Probe Spreadsheet -- How to enter the data: PDF (or watch the videos)

Video** Video**
Grade 6-8 Fall Grade 6-8 Spring Fill / Print Single Class Fill / Print Multiple Class


PRINT instructions - MSWord    PDF

VIDEO - Click View then press F11 for best results. Flash required.

A Save as a template

First part: How to save if you received your file as an email

Second part: Shows how to convert a saved file to a template... RECOMMENDED

1 Build a Class Overview of class assessment sheet. How to start a class from a template and enter data.... View 3:56 min
2 Sorting How to sort your student list alphabetically View 2:12 min
3 Second Assessment How to build the second assessment and/or how to add a new student View 2:45 min
5 Printing Print individual assessments View 2:09 min