Irfanview is very powerful software for processing pictures. It was created by Irfan Skiljan and is available on the internet for free.  The main website is One download site is Tucows. You should also download the Irfan View Plug-ins as well.  They are necessary for some of the following lessons.

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1 Introduction  45 seconds Why would you want to use Irfanview? Check it out.


Red eye Reduction 2 minutes Eliminate nasty red-eye problems in a photo.
3 Rotate/Crop/Resize 3 minutes The three most common operations for photos.


Filters 2 minutes Apply cool special effects to all or part of your pictures.
5 Colour Adjustment 3 minutes Adjust brightness and contrast and red-green-blue levels.


Batch Processing 3  1/2 minutes Quickly process hundreds of photos in a few clicks. You can choose to resize, rename, rotate, convert to grayscale, crop, adjust brightness and change from one file type to another.
7 Pictures to Webpages 3 minutes Turn folders of pictures into webpages in a few clicks.


Text 1 minute Add text titles to photos.
9 Slideshows 1  1/2 minutes Turn a file full of photos into a slideshow in 2 minutes.


Screen Capture 2   minutes Capturing your computer screen and pasting the picture into documents is easy.


Resizing "theory" 2  1/2 minutes Why would you bother resizing pictures? There are three good reasons: Storage space, e-mailing pictures and Web Page speed.
12 Plug-In Problems 1 1/2 minutes If your version of Irfanview and Irfanview PlugIns don't match, you will get errors.  Here's the problem and the solution.